Creative Work is dedicated to building a winning business brochure which promotes your healthcare brand with élan and yes at affordable pricing!

Our creative branding services aim at:

  • Attracting new and potential patients
  • Impacting the referring doctor network
  • Building reputation for the practise and brand
  • Selling of additional medical services
  • Generating patient referrals.

The idea is to have our analyst’s team understand your business profit centre and create a brochure which optimises the profit centre.  This material will aim at positioning you with a compelling “YES” for your potential patients to choose you and your medical services over others.

It will combine the strength of your business, with the marketing principles that function in creating a brand. With the help of our customized practice specific brochure which is strategically conceived your clinical set up is able to achieve new heights.

Why do you need us to design your creative promotional material?

A medical practise needs a marketing professional help to develop the marketing creative material because:

  • these are strategically designed which  not only state what you do and where you are located. It does not only educate patients, but motivates potential patients to convert to actual patients.
  • our strategist, our writer and our designer will not only describe the procedure given by the clinical set – up but make it attractive to read and compelling to act.
  • the marketing material has to focus on patient centric benefits not only on the technology.  We do it for you.
  • we will give a distinct look not a generic “run-of-the-mill” to give you a distinguished branding. The text in the creative material will be active and direct to initiate and foster a relationship.
  • the design will ensure a beautiful readability and flow.

We at ensure that offer you attractive designs for leaflets, flyers, brochures, pamphlet, posters to convey the medical practice message to the target potential patient base. will help you in promotion of your medical services, technology, infrastructure, products, patient care philosophy  and more.

We will ensure that your existing and potential new patients understand the advantages of your medical practice over others with a focussed and powerful message.