Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism:  Simply put “Medical Tourism “ is travelling to a foreign destination for availing health care.

Medical Tourism and India:   India is the third most popular medical tourism destination in Asia, attributed to low treatment cost, availability of highly skilled medical workforce, high standard of speciality care and world class infrastructure.  The “Medical Value Travel” is the new revenue generating service for hospitals and healthcare set ups alike. With an exciting annual 15% growth medical tourism sector is a booming industry with hospitals employing host of marketing strategies to attract international patients.

Medical Tourism and   India has the lowest cost of medical treatments available worldwide, coupled with clinical expertise and quality infrastructure. India has a large number of foreign nationals travelling to India for a variety of medical treatments. We provide them with complete assistance on their specific need and requirements.  We provide the patient with total facilitation and help at every step of medical treatment, right from them contacting us/our representative for their medical need till they go back home after their treatment and a destination holiday.

  1. We provide the patient help in locating a doctor and the hospital of their preference
  2. We provide the patient help in obtaining a medical opinion directly from the specialist and a estimate of treatment cost
  3. We facilitate the scheduling of appointment and a talk with them before the patient come over.
  4. Due to our positioning in India, all assistance the patient would need at the ground is provided.
  5. We facilitate – VISA, travel arrangements, hotel accommodation booking, local travel, interpreter services1
  6. Local sightseeing and more

Medical Tourism development for hospital/health care set ups:   As a service to our clients we help them with novel ideas for medical tourism strategising which factor in the market dynamics and locating source markets for building the client health care set up as a health tourism brand.  With our specialised marketing services, we help them with:

  1. Creating a preferred brand as medical tourism destination for medical services
  2. Providing a distinguished brand narrative to attract medical tourists
  3. Re-engineering marketing initiatives to meet global business challenges and meet medical tourism opportunities
  4. Creating and help design medical tourism workflows and staff training
  5. Help with Medical Tourism Public Relations/ Conferences/Seminars/online information – raise awareness of the medical tourism service, medical practice and more

We go to the next step of only getting appointments – we create 360 degree beneficial propositions for you.

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