Healthcare Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a vastly superior marketing tool employed by a lot of businesses but for healthcare practices it stands out due to its results. Website SEO, social media, PR opportunities, advertising campaigns, press releases, direct patient mailing connect you directly to the patient but healthcare referral marketing takes a different approach.

This may not be an active approach to reach the patients but increasingly patients are seeking opinions from their family physician to be more informed. Thus this gives a credible visibility to your practice.

This networking for referral marketing requires a lot of time and ability which the physician may not be able to devote him. In such cases a marketing agency is the best choice. This is achieved by making a connection with practise and the potential referring doctor.  A lot of marketing effort goes into this referral marketing with generating liaisons by conducting conferences, CMEs and other networking activities through groups. Practice keeps the physicians very busy and they can’t spare time for such social activities.

Thus the role of the marketing agency or the physician liaison is imperative in acting as a conduit between the client physician and referring physician. 

  1. Effective representation of the client physician
  2. Attending networking events on physician’s behalf
  3. Setting up meeting
  4. Market promotional and outreach material sharing with the network
  5. Reach out on a daily basis to general family physicians
  6. Presenting potential referring physicians with client practice details.

 Arguably, small practices benefit most from referral marketing by employing the methods of big hospital set ups at a more personalized level. Physicians are not marketing professionals and have no know how of how this market dynamics and they need a referral marketing strategy for establishing such a network.

We specialize in Physician Referral Marketing (PRM) & strategic marketing campaigns & referral development increasing brand presence both on line and off line. We have a professional liaison with direct relationships with doctors who are demographically relevant.

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