Empanelment Serivces

Empanelment is an important exercise which directly influences increased influx of patients requiring medical treatment/diagnostic intervention.

Empanelment has various benefits to any medical practice/set up.

  • Increased coverage in patient base
  • Access to patients directly through other healthcare stakeholders
  • Providing convenience to patients with the provision of cashless facility
  • More credibility to the practise as empanelment is a through verification process and patients perceive this as recognition specially in cases of government empanelment.
  • Brand building exercise for the practise

Empanelment is a process in which there is a provider network. This provider network consists of:

  • Third Party Administrator (TPAs)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Governmental agencies like ECHS, CGHS, DGEHS, MCD, DDA & others
  • Corporate tie ups for health check ups

The practise/health care set up which is empanelled with this network provide cashless or charge a minimum to avail of diagnostic services or hospitalization.

TPA is essentially facilitators for providing the cashless facility for the insurance companies. Some insurance companies are directly involved also with the hospital for provision of this facility. We can help you channelize a system to regulate the tie-ups/empanelment for hospital. TPA is an intermediary body which is authorised by its empanelled insurance company with which the patient has a standard mediclaim policy.

Similarly patient working with central government or defense have their own healthcare provision facility from the government body. Tie – up with these bodies give you fresh footfall from these specific patients.

All these patients are issued an agency specific ID card and given necessary papers to avail of their subsidized or cashless treatment at the empanelled hospital.

This ensures maximum convenience for the patient and an interim financial relief in case the bills are huge.

Corporate tie ups are important filter for generating patients too. There are pre-employment health checks for which corporate enlist the help of empanelled practise set – ups for their employees. Also big corporate have a wellness clinic which have tie ups with hospitals giving them 24 hour or office hours medical cover. Schools also have tie ups with hospitals for emergency.

Thus empanelment with various bodies can ensure a confirmed footfall which not only increase your visibility but also earns other benefits as mentioned before.