Media Planning

We at strive continuously and consistently to bring to you a Right Mix at the Right Time with Right Reach to your potential patients with strategic planning to build around your practice an aura of success. We want your customised marketing to speak of professional pride and your distinct personality in the healthcare sector.

Outdoor Media initiatives: with times outdoor advertising in healthcare is growing as it is viewed by one and all. It is easy access with no requirements of logging in, tuning in, or subscribing to a magazine.  It is not exclusive to putting up massive bill boards we give you strategic options of smaller sizes with better reach and impact, when stationed with thought and purpose. Transport network is a valuable opportunity for extensive outdoor exposure. The location, size, format of the poster is be governed by the marketing strategy – seasonal promotion, target patient group and more. We as a specialist agency tie everything up for you from choosing site, poster ad design, to implementation and following through till end. Also, outdoor space at the own premises is sometimes ignored. A good signage is essential which can elevate the company’s profile.

Print Media initiatives: the most popular, direct, quick, affordable and effective tool of media marketing is a print media campaign. It is a targeted endeavor to spread your word a targeted audience. Yes “Newspapers are still alive and kicking”! You have on your desk! Don’t you?

Targeted publications include, audience specific magazines, special interest and trade titles, local directories and newspapers.

We help you in :

  1. Choosing the right publication for your practice and target
  2. Selecting a good deal for media space booking
  3. AD designing and right placement of ad
  4. Measure and analysis of ad response

Radio, TV, Cinema Advertising:  Electronic media is a sophisticated means of advertising  which completely engrosses the listener / viewer and creates an atmosphere which conveys emotion. But with steep costs sometimes smaller business restrict to radio advertising which offers affordability and mass reach like TV and Cinema.  Our strategist will help you understand the commercial behavior of your potential patients to have a customized radio campaign to build a strong community presence. We help you with a good deal with radio channels who offer all – in deals for air time and ad production.  Cinema ads can also be quite low as compared to TV media.

Come to us for a “Highly Customized Promotion”