Organising CME & Health Check Up

For a hospital or a health care set up, it is essential to have a community or a local presence. The practise visibility has to be interpreted and viewed as a brand presence. A practise should be perceived as authentic, trustworthy, has medical expertise and is accessible to patients. Some of these parameters are fulfilled by a tool called CME (Continuing Medical Education) and some by a tool called Health Check up camp.  Both are essentially important marketing tools if conducted in a strategic  and organised manner to achieve the advantages over other neighbouring medical set – ups.

CME brings together the local physicians or doctors in the vicinity of your health facility. This ensures multiple benefits: referral tie up with local doctors and a credible image with the patient base of those doctors.  As a networking building company with expertise and experience of over many years we ensure that your practise conducts the right CMEs with the right group to ensure results. The benefits will include building referral network, building credibility, generating awareness of your services & infrastructure and building your presence in the locality.

Similarly, health check up camps hold an importance in reaching directly to you potential patients or consumers while giving them a first-hand experience of what you are all about.  It is important to ensure that the sizable number of attendees at the camps are translated or converted to actual patient visits and referrals at your medical practise.

We help you build these up as actual long term branding exercise over a simple instant patient generation exercise.

We at will ensure that with the CMEs and health check up camps organised with our strategic hospital marketing services give you:

  1. Increased patient flow
  2. Filter patients for actual treatment/ surgery visits to your medical practise
  3. Association with local clubs (rotary/ NGO/RWAs/community body) to ensure maximum visibility and outreach
  4. Generate camp awareness
  5. Post press releases to make lasting and recall impact, can be used for subsequent online promotion

All this has to planned and focussed in a way to build your practise. An ad-hoc application by some medical practitioners and set ups sometimes backfire and the whole exercise becomes a waste. It is important to have a right mix and right timing for implementation of various marketing tools.


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